Pfizer genotropin boosts your body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients and activates IGF-1. So, it plays a huge role in growing cells in your body. Active ingredient in this product is somatropin, a synthetic growth hormone that fully mimics its natural version. Thus, genotropin helps you retain vitamins and minerals, turning your body into an anabolic powerhouse. In turn, it aids your body to grow muscle mass, endurance, power as well as stronger bones. As a rule, adults and children with growth hormone deficiencies use this drug in their treatment. Also, sports pros and fitness lovers often use this drug for its muscle building and fat loss benefits. However, just like any other drug, genotropin must be used under doctor control.

Boost Your Body’s Anabolic Capacity With Genotopin

In sum, if you want to build a fit body and look good, genotropin is here for you. Also, it will help you get stronger and feel better.

Potential benefits of using Pfizer genotropin regularly;

  • Increased muscle mass, stronger bones and less risk of osteoporosis.
  • Less body fat levels and a fitter body.
  • Enhanced brain functioning, memory and improved mood.
  • Better athletic performance and easier recovery from workouts.
  • Smoother skin, less wrinkless and sagging. Thus, an overall younger look.
  • A stronger immune system and better sleep.

Aside from these great benefits, genotropin might have some bad effects as well. Side effects may include; stiff joints, headache, fatigue and injection site reactions. Genotropin may also cause worse problems like serious stomach pain, fast heartbeat, limping, hearing problems and some more. You should use Pfizer genotropin under your doctor’s control. Also, you should inform them about any odd effects.

Each user should modify the dose in line with their weight and body’s response to the drug. But most users have the best effects when using 4 iu daily minimum dose.

You can inject it on the thigh, hip, arm or stomach. But not near the navel hole. Also, make sure to clean the injection site carefully.

Store it in refrigerator in 2°C to 8°C (36F-46F). You can keep it in room temperature for 21 days during winter and spring.