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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is human growth hormone (HGH)?

HGH is a hormone produced by the human body to activate crucial processes such as cell repair and growth. It also plays a role in the production of insulin-like growth factor 1. Due to its functions in the human body, HGH has key significance when trying to get in shape.

  • What are the effects of HGH?

When HGH is produced properly, it helps you grow, keep healthy levels of muscle and maintain bodyfat levels easily. Also, it supports optimal athletic performance along with many other positive effects. When a person lacks human growth hormone, it can cause some bad symptoms. Specifically, short stature, weak and small muscles, high bodyfat percentage, low energy as well as anxiety and depression.

Synthetic human growth hormone products may also help you experience the same benefits as its natural version. However, they may also potentially cause some side effects and must be used with caution. Always get your medical advice from a healthcare professional.

  • Is HGH available in the pill form?

No. Real HGH products are only available as injectables. Other products including pills, capsules, drops, patches and many other forms don’t have real HGH.

  • Is injectable HGH safe?

Human growth hormone is used by many people with growth hormone deficiency in their treatment. Also, many bodybuilders, athletes and amateur fitness lovers use injectable HGH and get results safely. So, for healthy adults with no pre-existing conditions, it is generally considered safe.

But like any drug, it may cause some side effects. So always use caution and consult your physician before using any drug, including HGH.

  • Do HGH products work?

Used by a lot of pros in bodybuilding, fitness and sports, HGH effectively supports muscle growth and improved athletic performance.

Human growth hormone activates cell regeneration, therefore it is extremely important when trying to build muscle. Since its synthetic version perfectly mimics natural HGH, it aids muscle building successfully.

  • Where can I buy HGH? Is this website legit?

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